Why do we solve problems digitally? There are many good reasons for this. Without the digital revolution, many things we take for granted, like the Internet and GPS navigation, would simply not exist. But we live in a time of accelerated innovation. Emerging applications such as image filtering, object recognition and navigation in autonomous vehicles, drones, smart glass, portable medical diagnostic instruments and high performance computers require extremely fast signal and image processing. While CMOS devices such as microprocessors, field programmable gate arrays and graphical processing units are able to meet the speed requirement for real time processing, they need tremendous amounts of power. High power consumption translates to larger size, weight and cost, and poor reliability. These constraints severely limit the use of digital processing in mobile devices and in applications which require extremely low power consumption without sacrificing speed.
At Spero Devices, we have a solution. We process signals and images in the analog domain, just like the world around us. We utilize digital processing when appropriate and incorporate emerging nanotechnologies. The result? Incredible processing speeds at a fraction of the power digital processing consumes. Now, can you imagine the range of possibilities?
Join us in leading the analog revolution.

Real World is analog

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